The Drip Machine is a mop marker with game changing durability. The nib can withstand far more abuse than almost any other nib on the market. Although the nib can take a beating, it is not designed to be used on very rough surfaces like raw cement. If you plan on using it on very rough surfaces, we suggest purchasing extra nibs. Filled with 2 ounces of highly pigmented liquid acrylic paint.

  • 2oz Mop Marker

  • 24mm Dauber Tip

  • Refills Sold Separately

  • Acrylic Paint Mop

  • High Flow

  • Ultra Pigmented

  • Durable Mesh Nib

  • Ultra Flat some stuff


The Metal Machine is a correction pen style, metal tip paint marker. Great for cutty spots and landmarks. Filled with our signature ultra opaque, high flow liquid acrylic paint formula. Available in 7 colors.

  • Replaceable Nib

  • Refills Sold Separately

  • Acrylic Paint

  • High Flow

  • Ultra Pigmented

  • Durable Metal Nib

  • Ultra Flat


  • Designed by Machine Studio specifically for art.

  • Cast by hand at the studio using high quality cement.

  • Shallow grout lines to enable easier painting with markers and brushes.

  • Approximately~ 9"x 3"x 0.5"

  • Pre-primed and ready to paint, but we recommend wiping the surface with rubbing alcohol to make sure the wall is clean and free of oils.

  • Walls are designed to fit together; great for collaborations or mini graffiti productions!